5 CV mistakes which could be costing you an interview

When offered advice about creating the perfect CV, you will be told to ensure you make sure you tailor it to suit the job you are applying to and highlight any key skills or experience. However, what if you have just graduated and don’t have any relevant experience? The idea of creating a good CV can feel like an impossible task if you don’t have experience, but fear not, there are ways you can highlight other skills and knowledge you have, to make them relevant to the job.

Studies and Skills

Whether you think about it or not, you will have learned many skills during your studies, which can be transferable to the workplace. Some of the standard skills an employer will be looking for, including the ability to work as a team, problem solving, collaborating with others and working on your own initiative. These are all skills you will have achieved through your course work and projects, so make sure you highlight these on your CV. You should not only mention your skills, but also provide examples. For instance, rather than just saying you are organised, talk about a project you completed and your role within in, e.g. adhering to deadlines, managing a budget and scheduling meetings. These are all important aspects of a project and they show that you have experience of being organised. You can still tailor your skills to suit the job, even if you don’t have relevant experience.


You are newly qualified and through your studies, there are all kinds of achievements you are likely to have accomplished. You can make your CV one which focuses on your qualifications, skills you have obtained and any achievements, rather than experience. Highlight these and make them stand out, if you want to impress an employer.

Other Experience

Even if you don’t have relevant work experience, there is likely to be other experience you can use on your CV to show that you are capable of the job. Did you work part time during your studies? Have you been travelling and developed life experiences? Or maybe you have done some volunteer work? You’ll be surprised to discover all the experience you have probably developed over the years and how this might be relevant to a job in your chosen field.


If you are struggling to fill your CV due to a lack of experience, it is worth considering a section with details on your aspirations and what motives you, as this is likely to impress the employer. In many ways, attitude is more important than experience as most things can be learned over time, whereas an attitude is generally there to stay! If you show how enthusiastic you are, your willingness to learn and to be part of the company, it will improve your chances of getting an interview and your foot in the door.

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