If your engineering career feels a bit stagnant – there could be a number of reasons why. It may be that the engineering firm you work with a lack of opportunities for you or maybe you have just simply lost the motivation to push yourself further. If you let yourself though – you could easily find that you are in the exact same position twenty years from now and your career opportunities will have simply passed you by. If you do want to take your engineering career to the next level though, these are some useful ways to do it.

Set goals

If you don’t actually know what you want to achieve – how will you ever get there? It is important to set aside some time to figure out how you want to progress your engineering career and what you need to do to achieve it. Do you want to become a project manager in the future? Maybe you want to set up your own engineering firm? Whatever your goals may be – you need to start planning your future.

Additional qualifications

It may be that the level of qualifications you have achieved are leaving you without many other options. For example, you may have obtained a qualification in CAD, but want to move into a role as an engineer. In this case, your only option may be to go back to University and study a degree. It may not seem like an attractive option, but will be worth it to progress your engineering career.

Continued learning

Engineering is an industry where there are always new things to learn and becoming a master at what you do is an important step to help you progress. It may be that a professional accreditation would help you move to the next level or there are some areas you need to improve on to achieve your goals. Continued learning, whether academically or professionally is the key to excelling in what you do.

Source opportunities

What opportunities are there in your current company and how can you progress into these roles? If you don’t know the answer, it is time to ask the question! Speak to your manager, if there is no clearly defined career path for you. If there are no opportunities with your current employer – it may be time to look elsewhere, if you really want to progress your engineering career.

Be visible

Let the world know what you can do – and you’ll find that career opportunities come to you! Social media is a highly effective way to publicise your skills and experience and an easier way to let recruiters find you. In particular, LinkedIn is an effective social media platform to increase engagement in your industry and to help improve your career prospects.

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