Your Unique Portal

We’ve made this process extremely simple, once a candidate applies for a job that application is then sent to the employer for approval. These applications can be found in the dashboard of the employers profile. From here the employer can view through every applicant for each of the jobs they have listed.

Once you have completed the registration form on you will be sent an email to activate your portal with a login password. Once this is done you are ready to start posting your available roles.

Home Tab

Give you an overview of stats such as jobs in the pipeline, yet-to-start, and filled.

It also lets you dive deeper into each of these modules, you can view/asses the

Candidates and Interview details on their respective pages.

Your unique portal allows you go into detail

With the Interviews Tab in the client portal, you can see a complete list of interviews and add notes for you and your ‘team mates’ to asses.

You can update the candidates rating as you go through your recruitment process, ranging from “Excellent”, “Good”, to “Poor” and make informed decisions when shortlisting candidates.

Candidates Tab

This tab gives you fast access to your unassessed candidates

Teammates Tab

This shows you any of your recruitment team who have access to view and asses’ candidates.

Live Jobs Tab

Giving you a listing of the jobs you have running and their current status.