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The engineering sector is one which is continuing to prosper, and with this, comes the need for additional resources. Unfortunately though, this is one sector which is experiencing a substantial skills shortage and has done for many years now. It has been estimated by the Royal Academy of Engineering that there could be as many as one million new engineers required by 2020; if engineering companies are going to be able to keep up with demands. This is why engineering firms need to put plans in place to help ensure they can continue to meet the needs of their clients and that their business continues to prosper.

Improve branding

It is important that engineers know you exist, otherwise it will be very difficult to entice them to join your business. Engineering firms, in particular, need to have a strong brand, which is easily recognisable to candidates and entices them to want to work with you. There is a lot of competition out there with large, global engineering companies being more recognisable than smaller companies. However, this doesn’t mean smaller firms need to be left behind. Many engineers feel more comfortable working in smaller engineering companies, but they do want to be familiar with your brand and this is why it is so important to get it right.

Graduate development

Almost all large engineering companies have graduate development programs in place and there is no reason why smaller firms can’t do the same too. Graduates tend to favour engineering companies with a development programme in place, as it gives them a clear path for their future within the business. It also shows the company values them and it is important for companies to consider this, if they want to beat the skills shortages.


Engineering is an interesting career which (usually) pays competitively, so why does the skills shortage exist? A lot of this is down to education and if you can start to inform young people of the benefits, it will pay dividends in the future. Women in particular only make up around 8% of the engineering workforce in the UK, so encouraging this demographic is a good way to plan for future needs. Don’t just think of the here and now, think of the future and lead the way!

Talent mapping

It is important to tackle the skills shortages in engineering, but not just looking at external options; it is also important to make the best possible use of internal resources too. Talent mapping is a good way to identify where your talent is and where it can be used for the future – a great tool for retention!

Competitive salary and benefits

It is counter-productive to pay lower than market rate salaries to engineers, as they won’t stick around for long. This means that you will inevitably end up having to turn away clients, which is the last thing you want to be doing. Competitive salaries and benefits are essential in the engineering sector, if you want to be able to combat those skills shortages.

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